Friday, August 5, 2011

Microsoft Silverlight Architect Catalyst In Yielding Higher ROI for Companies

Microsoft Silverlight architect for professionals who knows well that Silverlight is much more than just a platform that was perceived to be just providing rich visual and media experiences. It has now evolved into a platform that is used to develop serious business applications that save company's time and resources to help it yield rich returns on investment. One thing that all Silverlight developers need to keep in mind that Silverlight is like a plugin that has borrowed many things from present technologies introduced by Microsoft. Those technologies include core .NET framework, vector animations, media and Javascript. For companies which are involved in software development, to hire best Silverlight developers is a real challenge as Silverlight architecture and operation ability is that of Windows Presentation Foundation than that of request/response model of server-side web programming. Therefore, Silverlight architect must be someone who knows how to operate this platform and develop real live applications. While retaining a Silverlight application, if you click the page, it will run in a sandbox on your machine.

Professional web development companies have a team of skilled Silverlight developers who are able to create Silverlight-centric business applications that help company automate the business and save their time and resources. To give the examples of such applications, they include CRM applications, time-tracking and expense claim applications, e-commerce and e-tail experiences, purchase request applications, and HR employee management systems.

The ability to create purposeful business applications is an evolved ability of the Silverlight development company which initially focused on giving rich media experiences that included providing higher degrees of interactivity, media and animation to the web sites. But, over the time, there were many features and functionalities that were added to create business application development as well. And hence, now, any Microsoft Silverlight architect can use this platform to cater to wider range of clients instead of just creating some stunning visual effects.

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