Sunday, September 4, 2011

Microsoft Silverlight To Develop Eye Catching Apps

Microsoft - The software giant has introduced Silverlight before 4 years only and till date 5 versions of Microsoft Silverlight are available for free download. As similar to other Microsoft’s products, Silverlight drives unique capabilities for developers and end users. Silverlight 5 is the latest release by Microsoft which has incorporated many new plug-ins. Professional Silverlight development can create revolutionary experience for web-users. There are other platforms available in the market for the development of rich internet applications but Silverlight is outskirts all. Today, more than 60% of businesses use professional Silverlight development services. Expert Silverlight developers have all set to discover the new 40 features in Silverlight 5 and deliver elegant and eye-catching applications. Silverlight is also used to create desktop applications. These days, Rich internet apps(RIAs) have captured the global IT market.

RIAs are more expressive and appealing to consumers. Silverlight apps are compatible to run in all browsers thus it is also known as cross-browser technology. Silverlight technology is also compatible with all OS. Expert Silverlight developers can make best use of Silverlight features and develop the application quicker compared to other platform. There are several great features in Silverlight which reduces Silverlight developers' efforts to a great extent. Microsoft has linked Silverlight with the Infopath thus publishing and printing of web pages becomes easy now. There are many online forums, blogs and communities who share their ideas on Silverlight development. Looking at the demand of RIAs, Silverlight developers have bright future ahead. The base of old languages like XML, HTML and .NET framework reduces the learning curve of Silverlight programmers. Microsoft is still on foot to thrill developers and consumers with new breathtaking features. Global businesses invest in Silverlight technology to get most diversified yet eye-catching and vibrant web-applications. In addition, they feel right to rely on Microsoft’s product as it brings promising future.